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5 Reasons To Prioritise Yourself & How You Can Start Today

5 Reasons To Prioritise Yourself & How You Can Start Today


 1. You Are Your Biggest Commitment

You’re with yourself for life. To be able to give yourself that life you really deserve, you need to learn that you are your biggest commitment, and you deserve to put the same effort into yourself as you put into others. It might feel selfish at first but it’s not, I promise.


2. When you prioritise yourself, your personal boundaries are protected.

What we sometimes don’t realise is that we teach others how to treat us, based on how we treat ourselves. When you become more comfortable with putting yourself first, you respect your personal boundaries so much more, which means they are respected by others. When we don’t value ourselves or our boundaries, it can seem like no one else does either which can leave you feeling frustrated, undervalued, and unheard. The truth is, protecting your boundaries is entirely up to you. Setting healthy boundaries for yourself is important and implementing them is even more important. Don’t feel guilty about doing this. The people who respect you, will respect your boundaries.


3. You Are Worthy

You are worthy. Read it again. You are worthy. You are worthy of your love, your efforts, your hopes, your dreams, healthy relationships, you are worthy of it all. Self-worth is important. If you truly believe that you are not worthy, then that is exactly what you will attract and manifest. You should never let the way other people feel about you dictate the way you feel about yourself, and you should never let your negative self-talk take over and make you feel like you are not worthy of each and everything that you desire.


4. The longer you neglect yourself, the harder it becomes to prioritise yourself.

Don’t condition yourself and others to believe that you don’t deserve to be a priority in your own life. There are a lot of people who will try and take what they can get from a person or a situation, and the longer you allow this to continue, the more likely it is to happen. It is up to you to protect yourself from this, it is up to you to change your narrative.


 5. When you’re at your best, you can give your best.

When you’re at your best, you can give your best – to yourself, and to others. If you keep giving more than what you have, you are teaching yourself that your needs don’t matter, you are depleting yourself of everything you are, and everything you have and this is how you lose yourself.





How you can begin to put yourself first:

  1. Define your boundaries (with yourself and with others)
  2. Learn how to say no to situations that leave you feeling empty and exploited.
  3. Make time for the things you love – even if these things may seem unproductive. It’s important to give yourself downtime for the things that you love. You shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a break.
  4. Define your goals so that you know what you are working towards and what requires your time and effort.
  5. Define what self-care means to you, and incorporate it into your day / week.


Prints on self-worth and self-love:



I hope this helps anybody who needed to read this. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions on what I should write about next.

Charlotte xx 

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