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The Funny Thing About Closure

The Funny Thing About Closure


"The funny thing about closure is that you’re never really sure exactly when it will come. It’s one of those things you intentionally search for, yet it usually comes when you least expect it. It may feel like closure is impossible to find one day, then there it is, the very next day, appearing out of nowhere. All of a sudden, a wave of comfort flows through your body and everything makes sense. That’s why you need to remember that it’s possible and it’s coming for you, just be patient and trust that everything is as it should be, even if it doesn’t make perfect sense right now, or at all. Also remember that sometimes closure finds you simply in the way of moving forward, without explanations, without all the answers, and it’s still just as beautiful."


There will almost definitely come a time in your life when you have no choice but to move forward without getting the answers you wanted or needed to get on with your life. This applies to more than just relationships too, it could be a friendship that is no longer good for your soul, a negative workplace, a failed business idea, anything really that leaves you with unanswered questions. No matter how much you wish it all made sense, things don't always work out perfectly in the way you thought they would. Sometimes you simply don't get the answers you're looking for and need to move forward with your life without them.

There are times where closure comes in the form of a blunt and straight up conversation. Words so harsh they feel like they rip your heart out of your chest. Words so honest that there is no way to continue looking for answers, the writing is on the wall and you know there is nothing more for you to do or say, it’s just time to move forward. I think this is the kind of closure that we are looking for most of the time, but the truth is it almost never comes this way.

Sometimes closure comes in the form of unrequited love. No matter how much you love someone, if they don't give you the same love in return there is no choice but to find closure and move on. No matter how much you wish the situation was different, you know your heart deserves the same love it gives so willingly to those you care about. You know that all there is left to do is to mend your heart and move on.

If you hold on too tightly to the things you've outgrown,
then you won't get a chance to grab hold of
all the beautiful things that are meant for you.
It's been too long darling, it's time to let go.

I believe that when there are no answers or honest conversations, closure can come in the form of trusting yourself and trusting your instincts. Your intuition is so strong. Things can feel off and even though you don’t have any real proof of exactly what it is, you can tell in your heart something isn’t right. This is the perfect example of when trusting yourself and your decision becomes your closure.

Closure can come in the form of self-value and realising that you deserve much more than the way that you are being treated. Self-worth is so important and can be all the closure you need to move forward. When you don’t value or respect yourself it can be hard to see that you’re not being treated how you should be treated. Sometimes closure comes before you’ve even moved on and it can be a real wake up call. In this situation, you don’t really even need any more answers, you know it’s your time to spread your wings and move past this feeling.

Closure can also be a feeling you can’t describe. A wave of relief that comes over your body at an unexpected time after months or even years of no answers. One day your body decides that all is good in the world and chooses to move forward. This kind of closure is one of the best feelings imaginable because it makes you realise how much you have grown as a person to be able to overcome something that was holding you back for so long. It makes you realise that if you can move forward from this, you can move forward from anything. I believe this type of closure is a natural progression of growth and personal development which comes over time when you take steps to better yourself and your life. When you make yourself the most important person in your life you can be presented with answers you didn’t even know you needed.

Closure also comes in the form of letting go. Letting go of someone or something you are so desperately trying to hold onto is one of the hardest things a human can do, even though most of the time it’s the only answer and you know it. Letting go is your closure, letting go is your freedom. There is no need to search for more answers because once you let go of something that is destroying your soul you start to feel more you, day by day. You start to feel your soul light back up a little with each smile. You start to realise that you were looking for the answers in the wrong place, when all along they were inside you.

Letting go is your closure, letting go is your freedom. 

In summary, I believe that you will always find the closure you need when you trust yourself and instincts. Closure can come in many different ways to what you were expecting, and you need to be at peace with the fact that you may not get the closure you wanted. You need to trust that everything will make perfect sense soon, even if it makes absolutely no sense right now. Trust that moving forward can be empowering and liberating.

Trust that there is light after the dark. Trust that you are capable of writing your own story and finding your own answers. Trust that closure can be a feeling and maybe that feeling is telling you it’s time to close this chapter and move into the next one. Trust that closure can come in the form of simply walking away. Trust that if you keep holding on too tightly to situations that you have outgrown, you won’t have a chance to grab hold of all the amazing things that are meant for you in your lifetime.

I hope you found something in this post that you resonated with. Please leave me a comment below about any of your stories of finding closure and how you felt after you found it. Keep in mind that your comments are public and will be seen by other readers. If you'd like to send me a message privately please DM me on instagram @momentaryhappiness

Charlotte xx 

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